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Templatizer Plugin

The templatizer plugin is able to generate several different knobs from a template knob. This plugin is usefull when ones want to generate contextual knobs (mouse hover, clicked, disabled) or slightly different knobs (different color version...etc.) based on a same template knob.

How to create a templatized knob?

  • Open the templatizer plugin from KnobMan
  • Select a Knob Input to use as the original template
  • Enter the name of the template for generated filenames
  • Add iterations : An iteration represents a new version of the knob based on the template (the original knob input)
  • Add operations for each iteration : An operation is a list of parameters to modify the look of the knob. All the parameters are the same you can find in KnobMan. For example, for a particular operation, you can change the "Colors.Hue.From" for the Layer1.
  • Push the generate button : It will generate in the output path all the knobs. Each iteration generates a new image.
  • Preview and test : on the right pane, you can view the resulting knobs.
  • Save your template (file extension *.knobx), preferably in the same directory than that of the original knob.

You can try to load a templatized knob sample from the Samples directory in the samples distribution.


About iterations

An iteration has 3 values:
  • The name of the iteration ("Red", "Pressed", "Hot", whatever the name that clarifies the state of the knob that will be generated for this iteration).
  • The input :
    • Original : the iteration and all its operations are working on the original knob template.
    • Previous : the iteration and all its operations are working on the previous iteration output.
  • The preview specifies the behavior of the mouse event for the "Test with Mouse" Preview mode.

An iteration contains a list of operations that will be applied to modify the original knob (or the previous knob iteration).

About operations

An operation has 3 values :
  • The layer to apply the modification to.
  • The operation that identifies the parameter in KnobMan to modify
  • The value to set in knobman for the specified operation.

When selecting a single layer, the value is initialized with the current value in KnobMan.


The templatizer doesn't perform any range value checking. You need to carefully enter correct values for KnobMan

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